El sincero testimonio de una peregrina neozelandesa (I)

07/06/2020 9:02


My Camino de Santiago is getting closer to being a reality. There are many Camino’s, but the one thing they have in common is the finish at the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

It has been said that some people get the «bug» after one and then spend months and years planning the next one – and the one after that. This will be my first. I have chosen the Portuguese ‘Way’ for several reasons. It is the second most popular and therefore less crowded than the more popular French way, and I don’t like crowds.

The culture and food of Portugal have always been of interest. The second part of my Camino is the Coastal Route of Portugal and like most New Zealander’s I can’t bear to be too far from the ocean.

People of all ages walk the Caminos for all number of reasons. For many, it is a religious pilgrimage, for others a way of dealing with personal loss or overwhelming life events.

For me, it is simply because it is time. I have always had an interest and a desire, and with the passing of years, one of the wisdoms we will all come to know is «I’ll get around to doing it one day» is not actually going to happen without forward momentum.

So, this is how I am getting to the start of my Camino.

I am 56, have had two hip surgeries, including a full replacement in November 2018. I have a knee that probably should be replaced, but while it is still functioning of sorts I intend to hang onto it for a while longer.

I suffered a pulmonary embolism in America at the start of a skiing holiday four years ago, so have learnt the importance of keeping active.


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