El sincero testimonio de una peregrina neozelandesa (II)

08/06/2020 6:53


Five months ago I was drinking too much and exercising too little, eating what I wanted but nothing good. I had successfully shed several kilos and wanted not only to keep them off but to continue to be active for as long as I could. So, I hatched a plan.

I never travelled alone in my younger years and have been with my husband since I was 18. It was not until I travelled alone back to Vancouver to visit family and surprise my mother for her 80th birthday that I realised something along the way.

I had two stop-overs in Hawaii on the way to and from Vancouver, and I liked travelling alone and had no problems with my own company. It felt empowering to plan how to get from A to B and then actually arrive! Those that know me know that my sense of direction is non-existent and my ability to get lost heightened. But I guess sometimes you have to ‘get lost’ to appreciate the journey

So here I am, now just over a month to go. Back when there was 5 months to go I decided my next drop of wine would be a glass of bubbles at Auckland International Airport when I fly out to Lisbon Portugal via Doha to start my Camino.

Now that nearly four months have passed and there are just weeks left to go, I am down to the «pointy end» of the planning. And I am a «planner» – annoyingly so according to my husband. I have currently got four pairs of shoes in the ‘under consideration’ pile.

Everyone seems to say your shoes and socks are two of the most important things you will take on this journey. Your shoes can not be shiny and new but must be rugged and broken in. Merino (some say) socks are best. There are several ways of dealing with inevitable blisters and foot pain – I have them all on my’ list’.

I am currently tossing up between hiking shoes, that are aggravating a bunion, or swapping around two pairs of lightweight walking shoes that are not as sturdy, but for me more comfortable.

 My trials have resulted in both toenails of my second toe turning black and will no doubt fall off before I take my first steps in Lisbon – the result of older hiking boots that had done admirable service in the past and were no longer up to the task. Your feet change as you grow older – who knew?

Especially «NZ» feet that spend so much time unencumbered by shoes either barefoot or in jandals for many months of the year.

I have made the decision to have my bag «transferred» from hotel to hotel.


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